Nish Anil
I'm a Principal Product Manager in the Developer Division at Microsoft. I help create Enterprise App Patterns for .NET and Java developers. I speak at developer community events on Cloud-Native app development and have numerous talks on YouTube, including the .NET Microservices explained on the dotnet channel and SamosaChai.NET. Previously, as a Developer Evangelist for Xamarin, I traveled the world meeting developers, speaking at various conferences, and evangelizing the joy of building iOS, Android, and Windows apps in .NET and C#.
Besides writing code, creating tech videos, and speaking at conferences, I spend a reasonable amount of time on photography and videography. I shoot videos using a cinema camera and have been learning about editing, color-grading, and compositing during my free time. 
For photos, check out my Instagram, and
to download them in high-res for free, go to my account on Unsplash. Check out the Zero Focus YouTube channel for my experiments with cinema cameras. My social links are listed below.